Caramelian Warfare

Carmelian warfare use craft that attack in dollops, rather than waves.

Attacking in relentless dollops.

Peeking into the Drawing Room

Seymour the Ghost sees something he wish he hadn't

Seymour finally sees something he can’t unsee.

Pulpo the Maker

Pulpo the handy mechanic!

Pulpo loves to make things.
He’s made bridges, race cars, a giant toaster and even a spaceship once.
But his favorite thing to build is trains.

Awkward Symbiosis

Calamites and No-see-ums

The Calamites communicate via No-see-ums, a symbiotic singularity to be certain.

It's fascinating to watch the Calamites attempt to flee their principal means of communication while their very words seem to mock them.

And what do the no-see-ums get? The pleasure of watching the Calamites "cry out", generating more no-see-um activity.

“What’s long, brown and sticky?” the Wicked Skull asks

wicked skull loves jokes

“A stick!”

“Get it?”

The Wicked Skull loves jokes.

I’ll give YOU marital bliss!

Jacob is struck by his lovely wife

Jacob wondered, not for the first time, how it was he managed to marry the last surviving member of the Knag tribe.

Sentient Houndstooth

The Bear's little buddies.

During the only games the Bear lost, he wasn't wearing his fedora.
Just sayin.'

Lunar Honeydew, part 2

Moon encounter

Say, who’s that on yonder ridge?
He looks bigger than Carl the baker.
Then again optics can get pretty distorted out here on the prairies of the moon.

Waking up in the Ural Forest

Mysterious creatures emerge from a Russian forest

They were a long way from Tinseltown, but they'd learn to adapt. They always did.  

A Good Listener

A good listener and hard drinker

We used to hang out at Igor’s, doing laundry, shooting pool.
I’d walk her home through our sketchy neighborhood sometimes.
One night I saw her floating from table to table finishing abandoned drinks.
That pretty much killed it.


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