Peeking into the Drawing Room

Seymour the Ghost sees something he wish he hadn't

Seymour finally sees something he can’t unsee.

But Hey, Back on the Right Side of the Dirt!

I'm myself, just a happy cadaverous kind of me

Ever been stuck head first into a deep, narrow hole, covered with dirt and brought back to life days later by a Vodou priest to be his personal enemy eater?

Yeah, one of those kind of weeks.

Lying Sun

This Sun is a Liar

A shining reminder that the whole “light = goodness, dark = wicked” precept is wack.


Wooooo...spooky wampire hypno-tic

Woe unto cute female ticks out wandering among the dog hairs after dark.

Even the Cloud Wanted Him Dead.

Kurtz goes off the social media deep end

Kurtz quickly mastered the CMS.
By March he was rapidly building strange and beautiful new modules.
By mid-summer the entire social media team was generating increasingly bizarre content,
controlled by the wild invisible strings emanating from his dark cubicle.

Pyrrhia Appears

Pyrrhia is beautiful but fleeting

The first time I saw her I was about 10, after trying to leap down all the basement stairs.

I would have cleared them if the slope of the ceiling were not parallel to the slope
of the stairs. My forehead struck the ceiling as everything else continued forward and up.
I fell back to the cement and metal-edged stairs, striking the back of my head
to summon her inky spreading beauty.

"Too much arc," she whispered.

"Try again."

Hero Nocturnus

Hero Nocturnus may save you or destroy you

He isn’t completely random in who is saved and who is destroyed.
Random enough though to make even those in the direst straits less comfortable still.

This said, law enforcement believes he generally leaves situations better than he found them.

Turkey Creek Reparations

A strange vision on the dry bed of Turkey Creek

My Aunt Betsy would sneak out regularly when she was a child in Gardner, Colorado.

Once, on a clear, bright-moon night she was out looking for cactus mice to play with.
She was poking through a cluster of yucca when she heard a drift of soft, flat babbling sounds.

Coyotes? She walked quietly across the sand toward a clump of creosote to peek down into the dry creek bed.

It wasn't coyotes.

Die Neu Batmann

A strange new Batman comes from below

Keeping the streets of Necropolis safe for the innocent and the dead.


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