Falling Star

Twinkle, twinkle aaiiieeeeeeeeee!

Wasn’t she on Square Pegs?

Samuraic Bunny

Stainless steel helmet for Samuraic Bunny

Easter is coming.
Prepare to be reborn.

Frog + Metastag = TLA

Happy frog stares lovingly, longingly at metastag

“There’s no way! it’ll never work!”

If Arthur had a fly for every time he heard this he’d never need to buy lunch again.

But here they were, happy as clams, nearly 20 years into it.

It just goes to show you kids, follow your heart, be persistent and good things can happen.

Early Hopi Babysitter

Early Hopi babysitter

Initially invoked as a temple sentry, her regal bearing quickly elevated her to principal matron to the queen’s children.

Afghani Khyberkat

Khyberkat says few shall pass.

“May I see your mountain pass?”

“Oh, no pass?”

“Well, nice to eat you anyway.”

That’s Mister Poo-filled Piñata to you!

Poor blighter comes to resemble the factory he works in.

Sometimes the job becomes you, sometimes you become the job.

Ronin Haggis

Dinna cross the Ronin Haggis, lad.

His name is a tremulous whisper on the lips of Hebrides housewives.
Tales of chance encounters keep lads close across moonlit moors.
He was indifferent to their fear.
The brash vitality that once made him the centerpiece of Christmas breakfast had long since cooled and hardened into something far less giving.

Burgerbot and Boss

Burgerbot is instructed to 'Flip faster!'

The first programmatic routine is (hopefully) the crappiest.
Unless of course the OS's never upgraded in which case, well, the world needs burgerbots too.

The Haughter of Charlemagne

Pecksniff of the first order.

The poncey name didn’t help.

The Remainders

The forlorn remainders

We judge them to be less than.

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