Super Different Fashion Sense

Superheroes: Same goals, very different fashion senses

Spiro loved his black latex suit.
Not because it showed off his muscles.
Not because it hid him reasonably well at night.
He liked it because Megalo-Don found it absolutely repellant.
Said it made him look like a giant eggplant.

Best two out of three? Not an option.

An unthinking astronaut is sucked into the void after missing the dartboard.

In space, there’s no such thing as ‘a little game of darts.’

Org Chart

Misbegotten org chart

We’re all coming together,
folding back in on each other
again and again
forming a high-tensile omelette
that no one
wants to eat.

Feline Quickness wins the 2014 League Championship

Jake and Darrell getting it done

After an extraordinary amount of prayer, St. Clyde guides Jake and Darryl to the promised land.

You Never Forget Your First One

Tom Bray, a great editor and better person

Tom Bray was my first editor out of school. He had a wild streak that allowed us to come up with some strange and spirited storytelling at the Desert Sun.

Domestic Hiss

Couple argues over inability to leave party in timely manner.

If you want to leave the party by midnight, then maybe you should be think twice about starting a conversation with Weston about dahlias at 11:45.

Dent Head

Perfectly content bicuspid head.

“Tooth be told, I’m a bicuspid head.
But I get that a lot.”

Even the Cloud Wanted Him Dead.

Kurtz goes off the social media deep end

Kurtz quickly mastered the CMS.
By March he was rapidly building strange and beautiful new modules.
By mid-summer the entire social media team was generating increasingly bizarre content,
controlled by the wild invisible strings emanating from his dark cubicle.

Just because you’re paranoid...

Munchley, the paranoid but astute crocodile

Munchley knew he had paranoid tendencies. 

Still, Linus had never been late with the ledgers before.  
And they were warm to the touch.

If Linus had, in fact, cooked the books, he’d soon be cooking his own left hand, no mistake.
And eating it too, all while still attached.

“Wonder how that’ll go,” Munchley mused.

Office cryer

The officeCryer app for mobile

More like an app than a person.

...actually maybe more like a widget than an app.


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