Kalvin Ritter vs. Calcified Future Limb

Linus considers his next move against the calcified future limb.

Vegas says it’s a push, but I know who I’m putting my money on.

Bathroom Fight

Bathroom fight at Central East in Tuscaloosa, AL

Central East, my high school in Tuscaloosa, didn’t have doors on the boys’ room stalls. 
No mirrors either, just wall-mounted panels of metal made from some grudingly-reflective alloy.

Side note: My father-in-law pointed out an article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about the rebirth of segregation at the school.
Turns out I was there during its golden years. Not a massive surprise; I had some very good teachers.

Burgerbot and Boss

Burgerbot is instructed to 'Flip faster!'

The first programmatic routine is (hopefully) the crappiest.
Unless of course the OS's never upgraded in which case, well, the world needs burgerbots too.

Rabbit Ripper

Knock knock. Who’s there? Carrot.

Yes, he looks kind of like a rabbit. That’s why they let him in.


Always an open seat by this guy.

Well, well there’s exactly one seat left in the cafeteria and guess who it’s next to.

Bully Angel

Oo, oo, it's going down on Cloud Seven!

Oh yeah they exist. Kind of like a B League to the avenging A League.

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