Sharp-dressed raccoon promises fun and money

Ima show you how to overturn garbage cans for fun and profit but first Ima put these little skritchy marks on public property.

The Meatster Bunny

Wheat, chickpeas, sand, spelt … I got no problem with those guys. They’re all good.

Giraffe Star

Giraffe Star

(Sans her usual entourage of moony fans)

Beaver King Ceremonial Armor

Beaver King Ceremonial Armor

Worn only once during the signing of unconditional surrender documents by the Muskrats of Auntoch Hollow.

Crescent heads

Crescent heads arriving en masse

I liked these guys well enough to create cleaner inked versions later to put in a silkscreened book. I made the book in a comics-centric class taught by David Sandlin at SVA.

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