The Meatster Bunny

Wheat, chickpeas, sand, spelt … I got no problem with those guys. They’re all good.

Mid-Century Modern Love

Those Eames brothers are hot!

Oooh, those molded plywood curves!

Pyrrhia Appears

Pyrrhia is beautiful but fleeting

The first time I saw her I was about 10, after trying to leap down all the basement stairs.

I would have cleared them if the slope of the ceiling were not parallel to the slope
of the stairs. My forehead struck the ceiling as everything else continued forward and up.
I fell back to the cement and metal-edged stairs, striking the back of my head
to summon her inky spreading beauty.

"Too much arc," she whispered.

"Try again."

Happy Clothes

Smiling clothing

No more hot, stuffy humans! Woo!

Office cryer

The officeCryer app for mobile

More like an app than a person.

...actually maybe more like a widget than an app.

Compound 72 (aerial view)

Grumpy property lines

The subdividing property lines signaled clearly the grumpy disposition of the claim stakers therein.

Aspirational Clothing Eyes

Aspirational Clothing Eyes

Obscure your world in a gauzy haze of the season’s hottest colors.


The Chrysanthebum has an odor of wet cigar and soiled clothing.

My wife hates it when I bring these home.

Amphoric Physiognomy

Old Greek face

It doesn’t matter if it looks like the joker because it’s not. It’s a jug face.

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