Beauty and the V8

Chick flees Hemi

Hemi was an all-state quarterback and he was crazy about Chick, the coach’s daughter and cute as a peep. Naturally everyone in school thought they were destined to be together.
Everyone but Chick.

Bathroom Fight

Bathroom fight at Central East in Tuscaloosa, AL

Central East, my high school in Tuscaloosa, didn’t have doors on the boys’ room stalls. 
No mirrors either, just wall-mounted panels of metal made from some grudingly-reflective alloy.

Side note: My father-in-law pointed out an article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about the rebirth of segregation at the school.
Turns out I was there during its golden years. Not a massive surprise; I had some very good teachers.

First-string JV

little unger grew up from a tadpole quickly

Unger was one courteous son-of-a-bitch.
Running into him in the backfield, he'd lay a hit on you so gentle
you'd think you were being put down for a nap by your mama.


KinderJammer the robot

Made his bones shutting down the opposition’s social media networks during the Teenage Rebellion of 2027.


Always an open seat by this guy.

Well, well there’s exactly one seat left in the cafeteria and guess who it’s next to.

Definitely Late for Chess Club

Darkness and Light try to fuck up Maurice

Which stinks because Audrey said she’d be there.

Reconnoiter Debrief

3 creatures report their lack of findings.

Initial reports find no trace of the buried six-pack.

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