Rakunia Shuttlecraft

Front view of a shuttlecraft that resembles a racoon

Twenty-four cubic hectares of storage means never having to leave stolen garbage behind again.

Flatbush French Fry

Flatbush French Fry will put you down, son.

“Small fry?!”
“Who you callin’ Small Fry??”
“I’ll pour this Coca-cola all down your neck
an’ all down your back
an’ mush this empty cup all up on your head
an’ then maybe you can tell me ‘small fry’ son.

Just because you’re paranoid...

Munchley, the paranoid but astute crocodile

Munchley knew he had paranoid tendencies. 

Still, Linus had never been late with the ledgers before.  
And they were warm to the touch.

If Linus had, in fact, cooked the books, he’d soon be cooking his own left hand, no mistake.
And eating it too, all while still attached.

“Wonder how that’ll go,” Munchley mused.

Bad Gift Bearers

Party smashers

This was one shower Baby would not soon forget.

Kansas City Bagman

Kansas City Bagman with tool and souvenir

Thursday through Tuesday, it’s lentil soup and the Prairie Home Companion.
But the knives shine bright on Wednesday night!


Headshot of Eskiton – Don’t trust him.

Convicted belly-scratcher and lego-hoarder. Known associates include Felix the Younger.


Sure, they look innocent enough.

A group of insects gathering for unknown purposes. Probably harmless.
We should check ’em out just to be safe though.

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