Best two out of three? Not an option.

An unthinking astronaut is sucked into the void after missing the dartboard.

In space, there’s no such thing as ‘a little game of darts.’

Olly Olly Income Free!

Perry's trying to fool lunch into coming to him.

Perry’s enticements to the local fiddle crabs, while known for their susceptibility to get-rich-quick schemes, failed to deliver lunch.

Winner Take All

Men fight while plummeting to earth

For all its promise, they never thought it all the way through.

Pyrrhia Appears

Pyrrhia is beautiful but fleeting

The first time I saw her I was about 10, after trying to leap down all the basement stairs.

I would have cleared them if the slope of the ceiling were not parallel to the slope
of the stairs. My forehead struck the ceiling as everything else continued forward and up.
I fell back to the cement and metal-edged stairs, striking the back of my head
to summon her inky spreading beauty.

"Too much arc," she whispered.

"Try again."

Charismatic and Popular Mr. for all Ages

Charismatic and popular Mr. for all ages

North Korea is encouraged buy the rights to Mr., brand and franchise the heck out of him
and become bigger than Disney.
This is an auspicious opportunity to influence the world.

Rokam Sokam Toltecs

Battlebot Artifact

In 400 AD, young men would compete across an immense stone coffee table for hours and hours beneath a blazing sun. The losers were commonly put to death.

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