The Winged Molluscs of Tchoupitoulas Parish

They must be harvested while sleeping lest they turn you to stone.

They’re the last known speakers of a Yiddish-Creole patois.
They’re capable of summoning gator golems from the bayou.
They are also excellent with garlic and a dash of Worchester and Tabasco.

When Life was Grand in Mumu Land

Mumu hunting was a well-attended summer social event

Mumus once covered the hillsides like livid living cotton carpets.
Then the Boohji’s arrived, with their smallish capes and fondness for flocked floral wall paper.

Shockhead Peter

Shockhead Peter in the soft afternoon light

In the olden times, failure to groom oneself led to unpopularity.

Lucky Peter! Today, the blow-out is dope!

Unlucky Peter; frilly lace collars, not so much.

Frog + Metastag = TLA

Happy frog stares lovingly, longingly at metastag

“There’s no way! it’ll never work!”

If Arthur had a fly for every time he heard this he’d never need to buy lunch again.

But here they were, happy as clams, nearly 20 years into it.

It just goes to show you kids, follow your heart, be persistent and good things can happen.

Oblong Posse

Oblong posse

C’mon boys, let’s catch us a paramecium!

These are Famous in Japan

Hyper-violent crowd pleasers

What made these stolid lads in simple suits a mad sensation?

The hypnotic whirl of their night sticks?

Their easy aplomb in dispatching the crowd?

Or was it the single bright bloom at the end of each performance,
the cheery smears of blood across their lips?

It's unknowable; groupies typically survive four performances, tops.

P and Q minder

P and Q droit, compelling you to be the best possible you.

Join me in celebrating the impending improvement of your politesse and posture.
Today, tomorrow and for as long as your body temperature reads above 90 degrees.

Rokam Sokam Toltecs

Battlebot Artifact

In 400 AD, young men would compete across an immense stone coffee table for hours and hours beneath a blazing sun. The losers were commonly put to death.

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