Flatbush Golem

The Golem of Flatbush

Composed of drifts of real and synthetic hair and dumped cooking oil, brought to life by the chance chiming of homeless and mentally ill oracles.

Shockhead Peter

Shockhead Peter in the soft afternoon light

In the olden times, failure to groom oneself led to unpopularity.

Lucky Peter! Today, the blow-out is dope!

Unlucky Peter; frilly lace collars, not so much.


Wooooo...spooky wampire hypno-tic

Woe unto cute female ticks out wandering among the dog hairs after dark.

Stalactus the Lead Slinger

Stalactus wore his tin star as a matter of course.

Stalactus waren’t the fastest draw.

He waren’t the best shot neither.

But if’n you drew on him
you kin bet
piece of hot lead
shot out of
every gun
would find its way
to your

Ronin Haggis

Dinna cross the Ronin Haggis, lad.

His name is a tremulous whisper on the lips of Hebrides housewives.
Tales of chance encounters keep lads close across moonlit moors.
He was indifferent to their fear.
The brash vitality that once made him the centerpiece of Christmas breakfast had long since cooled and hardened into something far less giving.

Turkey Creek Reparations

A strange vision on the dry bed of Turkey Creek

My Aunt Betsy would sneak out regularly when she was a child in Gardner, Colorado.

Once, on a clear, bright-moon night she was out looking for cactus mice to play with.
She was poking through a cluster of yucca when she heard a drift of soft, flat babbling sounds.

Coyotes? She walked quietly across the sand toward a clump of creosote to peek down into the dry creek bed.

It wasn't coyotes.

How Fingers Grow

Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your fingers today.

Listen up nieces and nephews!

Pawcraft, a deep scratch exploration vessel

Pawcraft, a deep scratch exploration vessel

Legend has it the craft was once part of a larger sentient humanoid craft.
They say if you travel out past Psilone IV you can pick up faint and scratchy transmissions...
...‘where's my pawwww..’

Reindeer Death Masks

Reindeer death masks for Strudel, Kozmo and Blitzen

Always unnerving to the rookies, but Santa knew it helped the esprit d'corp to know
they are part of a continuum with a tradition to uphold. 

Temple Golems

Temple Golems on the move

Weeks of fervent prayer were finally answered, but not as the villagers had hoped.


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