Lucas the Four-Eyed Lycanthrope

Lucas the four-eyed lycanthrope is patient by werewolf standards

He tolerated the chickens’ taunts as long as he could.

Flatbush Golem

The Golem of Flatbush

Composed of drifts of real and synthetic hair and dumped cooking oil, brought to life by the chance chiming of homeless and mentally ill oracles.

Rise Spazikuro, Rise!

Spazikuro is coming!!

The mighty beast rises from the Pacific, eager to wreak havoc.

Too eager in fact.

Where the Wild Thing Is

Lunch time! Feeding the wicked pet.

Just where is one supposed to keep a thrashy, limbless carnivore with razor sharp teeth?
Give me an alternative to the bathtub and I’ll seriously consider it. 

Abominable Lincoln Logs

Lincoln log creature loping through the fog

“Put your toys away when you're done playing with them,” Bea’s mom would say.
“Okay Mommy,” Beatrice would say.
But the toys were very rarely put away.

Then, one night, a light blue, but very thick fog rolled into town.
And up the hill.
And into the house.

The next morning the fog was gone.
And the toys were gone from the floor. In fact, they were gone altogether!

And so was Bea.

This is a true story.

Not as bad as it looks

Little Miss Muffet has it coming to her

Why can’t Little Miss Muffets have it coming to them?!
Sure they can! Of course they can!
Especially this one!

Ronin Haggis

Dinna cross the Ronin Haggis, lad.

His name is a tremulous whisper on the lips of Hebrides housewives.
Tales of chance encounters keep lads close across moonlit moors.
He was indifferent to their fear.
The brash vitality that once made him the centerpiece of Christmas breakfast had long since cooled and hardened into something far less giving.

Rabbit Ripper

Knock knock. Who’s there? Carrot.

Yes, he looks kind of like a rabbit. That’s why they let him in.


Always an open seat by this guy.

Well, well there’s exactly one seat left in the cafeteria and guess who it’s next to.

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