Kalvin Ritter vs. Calcified Future Limb

Linus considers his next move against the calcified future limb.

Vegas says it’s a push, but I know who I’m putting my money on.

Herculean Gingerbread

Gingerbread Man says 'Come at me bro!'

He will not go gentle into that good bite.

Bathroom Fight

Bathroom fight at Central East in Tuscaloosa, AL

Central East, my high school in Tuscaloosa, didn’t have doors on the boys’ room stalls. 
No mirrors either, just wall-mounted panels of metal made from some grudingly-reflective alloy.

Side note: My father-in-law pointed out an article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about the rebirth of segregation at the school.
Turns out I was there during its golden years. Not a massive surprise; I had some very good teachers.

Brooklyn Nightcap II: She warned him

Brooklyn tough goil knocks out bad guy.

She: Want to come up for a coffee?
He: Oh. I don’t drink coffee actually.
She: I don’t have any actually.

I heard this exchange in a movie years ago.
I thought it was an oldie, like Bogart & Bacall, but apparently it comes from the movie 'Brassed Off'

Werther the Paranoid Crow

Werther the paranoid crow

He’s never met Fatty Arbuckle, never even seen the man in the flesh, but Werther knows, sure as corn’s yellow, that his brothers are trapped in one of Fatty’s pies, in one of Fatty’s shops.

Missile Teeth

A skull with missiles for teeth, talking you into bad ideas

I think we’ve all made friends at some point we’ve quickly realized weren't necessarily ‘good’ for us.


Headshot of Eskiton – Don’t trust him.

Convicted belly-scratcher and lego-hoarder. Known associates include Felix the Younger.

Nepalese Power Gerbil

Not itching for a fight, but the Nepalese Fighting Gerbil won’t shirk either.

Despite centuries of good deeds he is perhaps best known as the brutal enforcer of King Sukjong’s oppressive domestic policies. Goryeo dynasty.


Always an open seat by this guy.

Well, well there’s exactly one seat left in the cafeteria and guess who it’s next to.

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