An Organ Too Far

The catamaspleen was not the hoped-for success.

Breakthroughs in biotechnology allowed for the generation of any organ type and limitless permutations thereof.
The introduction of the catamaspleen, however, quickly lead to legislation reining in the surprising creativity of the biotech community.

Dr. Wagenheim

Dr. Wagenheim, we presume

Not a lot of veterinarians made house calls.
Fewer still entered Big Sandy’s rich mess of red clay and poison oak.
So folks would be forgiven if they were startled by the
sudden appearance of this
Victorian protoplasm loping through the scrubby pine.

Pill Flag

Royal flag of the pill

I was waving it and waving it and I started to get tired.
So I took a pill!
Then I started waving it and waving it until I got tired.

The Cure for Itchy Mouth

Cure for what ails your itchy mouth

Take one and your paramecium troubles are over!
Take two and they’ll mate and you’re fucked for the rest of your suddenly very short life.

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