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Lowell from Altoona

¿Cómo puedo controlar la estática?

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An Organ Too Far

The catamaspleen was not the hoped-for success.

Breakthroughs in biotechnology allowed for the generation of any organ type and limitless permutations thereof.
The introduction of the catamaspleen, however, quickly lead to legislation reining in the surprising creativity of the biotech community.

Head Matter

View deep into my ear

I took this photo of my brain using Apple’s new iEar photo filter.
If this cellular structure is designed to make connections, I’m in good shape.
If it’s designed to catch and hold information, I’m in trouble.

Dr. Heinlock, the Cat-Free Tree Maker

Dr. Heinlock will get you done!

Pioneer in Ethical Vaporization Technologies

Ask us about our flesh-eating bacteria swarms!

“No cat too ornery, no branch to trembly.”

Cats only. NO POSSUMS

Brian the Biomechanical Engineer

Brian the quirky engineer

So, I used to know this guy Brian… a brilliant engineer but absolutely obsessed with mailmen.
More accurately, he simply detested mailmen.
No idea why. An incident from his youth maybe.

Best Reason not to Tussle Near the Recombinator

Limb confusion

..scuffle, grapple…gff!unnkgh!
Take that!
..sonnuva… ouwff!!
… scuffle, scoot…
GOTchoo!..uhnf!…how my.. got…
…. ….. now waita sec…

The Cure for Itchy Mouth

Cure for what ails your itchy mouth

Take one and your paramecium troubles are over!
Take two and they’ll mate and you’re fucked for the rest of your suddenly very short life.

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