Dr. Heinlock, the Cat-Free Tree Maker

Dr. Heinlock will get you done!

Pioneer in Ethical Vaporization Technologies

Ask us about our flesh-eating bacteria swarms!

“No cat too ornery, no branch to trembly.”

Cats only. NO POSSUMS

Brian the Biomechanical Engineer

Brian the quirky engineer

So, I used to know this guy Brian… a brilliant engineer but absolutely obsessed with mailmen.
More accurately, he simply detested mailmen.
No idea why. An incident from his youth maybe.

Dr. Wagenheim

Dr. Wagenheim, we presume

Not a lot of veterinarians made house calls.
Fewer still entered Big Sandy’s rich mess of red clay and poison oak.
So folks would be forgiven if they were startled by the
sudden appearance of this
Victorian protoplasm loping through the scrubby pine.

Hierokeet and Scepter

Widely considered to to be the most accurate depiction of Hierokeet

This benevolent, if preening, ruler brought about a renaissance
in the arts and sciences that lasted nearly half a century.
It is said he had a vocabulary in excess of 30 words.

Walking the Dom

Walking and trying to talk.

The walks created a neutral territory, Dom’s constant stop, sniff, stop, sniff providing essential distraction.

A Walk in the Desert

A walk in the desert

This is turning into a longer walk than either of them expected but that far ridge looked familiar. Kind of.

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