Hawkman Processes

Hawkman rethinks his approach

The thinking is, was, to start as high as possible, using those powerful upper currents, learning as I go.
I’m wondering now, as my flapping cheeks sting my face and the screaming wind threatens to slice of my ears, if this was best possible approach.

The Closer You Are, the Quicker It Hits You

Level 11 has a strange effect on Pecunius’ mind.

The light behaved differently on Level 11. Or was it the air?
And why was Pecunius even on this level? It was hard to remember.
For those around him, however, there was no ambiguity of purpose.

Lunar Honeydew, part 2

Moon encounter

Say, who’s that on yonder ridge?
He looks bigger than Carl the baker.
Then again optics can get pretty distorted out here on the prairies of the moon.

Lunar Honeydew

Running an errand on the moon

Pretty sure the space bakery is just over that dune.

Not as bad as it looks

Little Miss Muffet has it coming to her

Why can’t Little Miss Muffets have it coming to them?!
Sure they can! Of course they can!
Especially this one!

Lunchtime in Shreveport

Risking your life for a tasty lunch.

Bergeron’s Businessman’s Special brings them out in droves, avenging angels be damned.
... or is that damned by avenging angels?
Either way, so long as it’s after lunch.

A Fruit in the Night

Fisk the 'bot is worried about the orange trailing him.

Fisk couldn't shake the feeling of being trailed.
How long had that orange been walking behind him?
A minute? An hour?
Was it a blood orange?

Colonel Plazmo

Colonel Plazmo, a large uniformed alien, unsteady on his feet.

He staggered toward the heavy metal door, unsteady from the lingering tranquilizers in his system.
Reaching out he realized the hand he’d bet and lost had grown back while he was unconscious.
It would feel clumsy for a few days.

A Walk in the Desert

A walk in the desert

This is turning into a longer walk than either of them expected but that far ridge looked familiar. Kind of.

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