The Sheep Bearer

The Sheep Gift bearer arrives at the gathering with much fanfare.

Well sure, yes, it’s certainly a generous gift.
But it’s all he ever brings!
And to a baby shower?

Turkey Creek Reparations

A strange vision on the dry bed of Turkey Creek

My Aunt Betsy would sneak out regularly when she was a child in Gardner, Colorado.

Once, on a clear, bright-moon night she was out looking for cactus mice to play with.
She was poking through a cluster of yucca when she heard a drift of soft, flat babbling sounds.

Coyotes? She walked quietly across the sand toward a clump of creosote to peek down into the dry creek bed.

It wasn't coyotes.

Reindeer Death Masks

Reindeer death masks for Strudel, Kozmo and Blitzen

Always unnerving to the rookies, but Santa knew it helped the esprit d'corp to know
they are part of a continuum with a tradition to uphold. 

Thought for Food

A juicy thought tossed into the gaping maw of mechanized...

Mmm mmm, good idea.


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